My recent work explores the transitional nature of experience, particularly the way fixed perceptions of identity, value, and meaning can distort reality and undermine understanding, since they arise from causes and conditions that are constantly changing and dependent on many things, including individual and societal preconceptions, values, and fears. My initial investigation drew on specific biographical and contextual material, including challenging circumstances after my release from the military that culminated in periods of homelessness and imparted a lived sense of the way any subjective perception – in this case, of being ‘counted out’ and rendered invisible by society and oneself – can realign identity and solidify into a sense of truth. With the reflective benefit of time, I was able to hold this internal memory with new objectivity and curiosity, exploring its implications beyond the personal.


A branch of this same research gave rise to new body of work that explores, more specifically, the relationship between perceptual distortions and the exercise of power and authority in all its forms, whether inner or outer directed, individual or global. These comprise a series of mixed media works that incorporate text and screen-printing, interconnected panels, and three dimensional objects and installations, all linked by recurring formal or thematic elements, but designed to stand alone as self-contained works. While my response to current social and political events informs my research, my work does not seek to advance a particular view. I am interested in the processes of perception, in developing awareness of the unconscious choices we make in editing and framing our experience, and the implications these choices have.  


Painting in Oils

57cm x 140cm