I work on several projects concurrently, as one feeds another, creating threads of meaning and a communication between seemingly distinct artworks.


Once I have a basic image in mind, I work quickly at first, juggling mediums to research their effects and the way various methods and materials influence the way I work. Printing and photo etching have proved a labor-intensive but valuable research method in my current practice.  Concentrated, sometimes repetitious engagement with process, although time consuming, encourages a release of conscious control and allows new ideas and connections to rise to awareness.


I am interested in the way ideas and materials can converge, and am drawn to discarded items consigned as refuse that are, in point of fact, simply transitioning from one form or purpose to another. Doorframes, mattress covers, and the granule contents of water filters have all found continuing life in my work, but I use them to meet the real practical and aesthetic demands of a piece rather than from solely conceptual motivations. Processes of creation and destruction happen simultaneously, and this can be reflected, for example, in the corroded appearance of a 3-D piece and in the way it more closely resembles an anatomical or a geological shape depending on the angle of viewing.

Drawings/ Paintings

My painting has always been influenced by Pop Art / Comic books (Marvel, DC etc)