“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”

-  George Orwell, 1984


What are some of the most pervasive ‘open secrets’ in our society today – for example, questionable surveillance and data mining activities extending into ever more private corners of our worlds, or perhaps the uneasy sense that our preference for virtual interactions and experiences may be separating us from intimacy with life? To what extent do we participate, consciously or unconsciously, in these narratives, and to whose benefit? While reflection on social and political issues informs my research, I do not seek to advance a particular view. My current practice is concerned with the imaginative procedures by which we edit and frame our experience, and the choices we make, by will or default, that shape what we see, how we see, and how we imagine.


This enquiry has given rise to a new body of work that comprises text and screen-printing, interconnected wooden panels, mud-roc sculpture and potentially interactive installation work. My ideas develop through intense engagement with process, and I employ labour intensive methods in mixed mediums that are sometimes combined in unconventional ways. Where possible, I work on several projects concurrently, creating versions and variations that occasionally reference my own work, transformed and reinvented through other mediums or techniques.


The responsiveness, problem solving and creative interaction of collaborative work has given me a new perspective on my own practice, and the potentially interactive, participatory works currently in progress represent a new direction in my art, but one that now seems a natural extension of my enquiry into the imaginative processes that shape our perceptions.