Professional Skills

At the end of my MFA studies at Wimbledon, I intend to continue as a practicing artist, exhibiting both solo and collaboratively.  I am also interested in becoming involved in community-based arts and collaborative projects that explore the role of creative expression in fostering connection, physical and mental health, and social change. The professional experiences below were chosen with these goals in mind.

I knew who I was Exhibition/Kentish Town Health Centre

25th Jan - 18th Mar 2016


Larsens Lost Water ( 13 Nov - 11 Dec 2015 )

Wimbledon Space


Larsen's Lost Water coincides with the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. The exhibition focuses on the ways that the relatively uncharted parts of the globe - the Polar Regions and the seas - are (mis)represented, through exploring context and how introducing alien or unexpected object into a space affects both components' readings


Nelson Health Centre

( 2014-2015 )


As part of this newly reconfigured building, the Merton Clinical Commissioning Group seek to commission an artist from Wimbledon College of Arts to create a new installation for their premises. Situated at the front of the building, in a large window, this commission will be in a commanding position with passers-by on pavement and road as well as visiting patients being able to view it.



Piece Makers...........( 2014-2016 )

A collaborative project with artist

Susan Stockwell, The National Army Museum and myself.