Michael is a multi-media artist whose work includes printmaking, painting, sculpture and installations.  His recent work deals with the imaginative processes by which we edit and frame our experience, and our relationship to the power structures that influence and shape the way we think, act and experience the world.


He is particularly interested in the collapsing boundaries between public and private life, the implications of our growing preference for virtual interactions and experiences, and the forms of modern-day propaganda and manipulation that shape how we perceive ourselves and our world.


This focus has led him into an intensified engagement with printmaking, drawing on its associations both as propaganda and as a strategy for social and political engagement - particularly hands-on traditional methods like screen-printing, lino and wood cut, collagraph and etching - and experimenting with scale, technique, and materials. He likes the accessibility and layering potential of printmaking, and the way it can reproduce the formal qualities of many other processes such as drawing, painting, watercolour, collage and photography.